Top 10 Fast Food Scholarships

US fast food chainWe all know how challenging it might be to pay your school expenses. Some students unfortunately give their dreams of becoming undergraduate students because they are not willing to have to deal with debt for decades after the completion of the course. These students are often not able to work while studying, therefore they usually get loans to be able to pay for tuition costs and other related expenses. One of the main solutions for these students who want to have a better future without having to spend thousands is to get a scholarship. There are hundreds of thousands of different scholarship options available on the market.

If you work at Fast Food chains in the US you might be eligible to get good scholarships. There are several different companies who are willing to help their student employees to get a better future indeed.

Of course not all of the companies are able to give enough to pay for a whole university course, for example, however these student-employees will get an opportunity to save some money and be able to get into university as soon as possible. You can quickly put your hands on these scholarships if you pay attention to the opportunities available and also if you let your staff know that you are interested. The following is a top 10 list that will help you see and know more of what the largest fast food companies are currently offering. Your chances are high! You can get your scholarship quickly!

10 – Wendy´s

Wendy´s is a large fast food chain present in the USA and Canada. The company offers different awards for the outstanding high school seniors all over the USA. The first 20.000 applicants get a $10 dollar gift card when applying for the scholarship. Students who are not 18 need to have parental consent before actually applying at the website There are winners from every school that gets involved in the project. The company also provides awards on a state and national level.

9 – Arizona Milk Producers

Students who are 18 years old or younger and that live in Arizona,USA have a very good opportunity to get a nice scholarship out of their every carton of milk. Students have a chance to get awards of $8.000, $10.000 or even $12.000 dollars to use it as a scholarship. It is a fun contest that has already given students a chance to earn money. This milk can be found in every single fast food chain all over the USA. Students should simply submit their milk mustache picture to the contest´s site to get a chance to win.

8 – McDonald´s

Every single year the Ronald McDonald House Charities program offers students awards of $1000 dollars to be used towards scholarships. The scholarships are available for US high school students who live within the geographical area covered by the program. Although the awards go around $1000 for each award, some areas may offer different values. The rewards are non-renewable.

7 – Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola Scholars Program is offered each year and gives 250 scholarships worth $10.000 and $20.000 dollars. These scholarships are directed to high school students who are very good during academic activities. The students should have an average 3.0 (or higher) grade points to be considered. The company has already provided over $14 million dollars worth of scholarships.

6 – Burger King

American, Canadian or Puerto Rican students can have a chance of winning one out of the 1600 scholarships annually given by the fast food company Burger King. The awards are often worth $1000 dollars. Students might also receive a regional scholarship often $5000 and the ‘King’ scholarship winner gets $25.000 dollars to be used towards any expenses with University. Students need to work at least 15 hours a week in order to be able to apply.

5 –KFC

Every year a $5000 scholarship is given to students who are going to college. The fund is renewable throughout 4 years (as long as the student is enrolled). Scholarships are linked to the volunteer mentor that must work or be the owner of any KFC. Students must have at least. 275 of GPA inn order to apply.

4 –Taco Bell

The Glen Bell Scholarship Program offers up to $2.000 dollars as scholarship to employees. The money can be used towards undergraduate and graduate courses. Over $1.000.000 dollars has been given as award for those who show interest in continuing education. Know more at their official site.

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3 – Chick-Fil-A

Students who work at the fast food chain Chick-Fil-A are able to get scholarships. The restaurant offers $1000 dollars of scholarship for the best employees. Over 3000 prizes have already been given out to the workers. Students must work at the restaurant at least 20 hours a week in order to be eligible.

2 –Dick´s

Dick´s is one of the most family based fast food restaurants in Seattle. The company offers great opportunities for students who work at least 20 hours a week in any restaurant of the franchise. Students must apply and follow the rules to be accepted in the program. They can earn up to $22.000 dollars a year to pay for their tuition and other university related expenses.

1 –Pizza Hut/ The Yum! Andy Pearson Scholarship Program

As one of the most famous fast food and Pizza companies in the USA and Canada, Pizza Hut also offers their employees good scholarship opportunities. Every year dozens of students are eligible to get $2500 to be used as scholarship. You can know more at the site!_andy_pearson_scholarship_program.htm. This scholarship can be given to Pizza Hut employees as well as other famous company employees of the similar field. Read more in order to see if your company is also granted this kind of opportunity.

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