TESDA Antique Scholarship Application Tips

For those who are wondering what TESDA is then here goes a very simple definition. TESDA stands for Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. TESDA has as its main goal help raise students awareness that they need professional education in order to get a much better future. This institute helps the students’ technical skills through learning and practicing. This is a program aimed for Philippine students or any kind of technical worker that happens to be living in the country. The body is able to produce and also offer students special training in several different fields, fields which re required and have a strong demand.

This is a very important thing for students that would like to have a much better future, after all the country does not have several different free opportunities for those who have few conditions. This is the right institution for you to know about in case you would like to have a much brighter future.


The TESDA Antique Scholarship

Every single year TESDA opens several different slots for students who are interested in the Antique field. The Antique offices sometimes open as much as 600 slots per year for those who would like to have specialized background in the field. Since January 2009, TESDA offers such opportunity for students. The Antique Central College (ACC) offers several different long and short term courses that have already helped hundreds of students from the country to obtain accredited certification to help them increase their chances of getting a much better position in the market.

It is possible to find courses that last from 15 days to 3 months. Some of the most common topics that students study are:

  • Commercial cooking
  • Barista
  • Processed foods
  • Processed drinks
  • Computer hardware
  • Technology
  • Technology servicing
  • Much more!

Every year hundreds of students get their own diplomas for free. The institution has been helping the population to become better individuals. This has also helped the community to expand and to attract companies from all over the world. This program has really helped students improve their lives.

How to Apply for the TESDA? The Best Tips!

Thanks to TESDA students have the wonderful opportunity to study and get a much better formation without having to spend a single penny in the whole process. The ensured funding makes sure that all students that get in the TESDA program gets a real chance to graduate. This is a very interesting project, therefore the whole country looks for the slots. It is a very important thing that you pay extreme attention when submitting your application, after all there are hundreds of thousands of applicants on a yearly basis. If you would like to be the chosen one, then there are several different tips and basics that you should follow. Here we will help you see what you need to do to be as close as possible to your slot at TESDA.

First things first!

TESDA considers several different things when choosing those who will begin their studies with the institution. It is very important to have a very complete and detailed set of papers. The TESDA will require several different documents with your information as well as certain proofs. You must be a student that does not have conditions to pay for your own studies. The institution is very clear about what you need to send as your papers, so make sure you keep an eye out for every single document requested.

The deadlines are also extremely important. The TESDA team does not accept late applications. You should have all of the documents ready and filled wen the deadline is up. The sooner you deliver the papers, the better, after all some issues might happen with courier etc.

  • Always keep an eye out for the deadlines.
  • Always pay attention to all of the application forms requested. In case any is missing you will be automatically excluded.
  • Fill everything and make sure you check what is written, that way there will be absolutely no inconsistencies.
  • Always keep an eye out on their official website and have as many contacts from them as possible, that way you will be able to keep track of what is going on.
  • Hundreds of people get their certificates every year. Make sure you show how much you would like to be part of their student team.
  • If your application is excluded in a year, do not give up! Every single year (sometimes more than once) the team opens slots!
  • Good luck!

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