3 Strangest Scholarships Related to Beer or Partying

Beer is by far one of the most consumed drinks in the whole world. People love to drink it whether they are in the cold or even in the tropical weather. People simply find the drink to be of such a delicious and rich taste that they cannot forget. It is a very common drink in countries such as Germany, Brazil and also the USA, that is one of the main consumers of the drink.

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Would you like to follow on the wonderful beer world? There are endless possibilities for those who would like to enjoy the best beers of the world and get the proper specialization to create the true masterpieces. There are certain different scholarships that truly exist, although most people believe that they are just a myth. These beer related scholarships are perfect to help beer lovers to continue with their education. Who said beer is only about parting or being casual? It is a wonderful way for people to travel the world and meet the best beer chefs! Are you ready to have as much fun creating and tasting the best beers of the world? these scholarships will open several doors for those who would like to become specialists and that would like to become true specialists on the field. If you got interested in such a topic then make sure you keep on reading. You will definitely get more and more interested in the field.

The Glen Hay Falconer Foundation Brewing Scholarship

The Glen hay falconer Institute counts with the support of Siebel to provide this wonderful opportunity for those who want to continue their education through an excellent scholarship opportunity. Two scholarship opportunities are given for those who love beer and everything about it: one of the scholarship optionsis to study in October in the Concise Course in Brewing Technology, an excellent course that allows students to learn how the product is made and which combinations tend to be the better. Apart from having the course’s expenses paid off, the institute will hand a $1000 dollar award for the student to deal with travelling expenses. The second scholarshipopportunity focus on students who intend to go to the World Brewing Academy International course and get their advanced Diploma. This course takes placefrom September to November. Students will be able to get $5000 dollars to pay for their travelling and stay expenses. Only students from Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, California, Hawaii or Alaska will be accepted.

If you would like to read the complete information regarding this scholarship opportunity, then make sure you keep on reading the following link http://www.siebelinstitute.com/courses-a-programs/scholarships/glen-hay-falconer-foundation

Master Brewers Association of the Americans Scholarship

MBAA can have the opportunity to get a wonderful MBAA Scholarship every single year, as long as they show their interest in beer and the technologies related to its production. The scholarship money will onlycovers the value of the course. Students who can apply must be interested and totally focused in the Brewing and Malting Science Course or the Brewery Packaging Technology Course , if not, the students will not be eligible. Each course is two weeks long and happens in Madison, Wisconsin. Students will have the opportunity to travel, study and have as much contact as possible with the best and most experienced professionals of the field. Students will have contact with professionals from the USA and also from other countries throughout the world. MBAA is proud to have new members that are already focusing in this field of study. If you have no problems with MBAA then it might not be a good option to apply.There are 6 scholarships given every single year, 3 for each of the courses mentioned above.

Visit MBAA scholarship site to see if you qualified.

Karl Strauss Scholarship for the UCSD Beer School

San Diego brewer Karl Strauss Brewing Company is a wonderful place for the beer lovers to study. The scholarship is the right opportunity for students who simply love to know every single detail regarding the best beers. The UC San Diego Extension’s Brewing Program, which is a part time evening and weekend courseis the right opportunity for those who would like to become real brewing professionals. This is not about drinking, it is about creating! The course takes 18 to 24 months and the scholarship offered will pay off the courses fees. Students will have the opportunity to meet high quality professionals and use the latest technologies to produce the best and most famous types of beers and related drinks. Know more by accessing their website.

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