Scholarships – what to do and what to not ?

If you are a single mom and have never had the chance of studying further or going to college or university it is never too late. You can always start studying as soon as you get the opportunity. It might be tough but it is not impossible. The only thing which you have to do is to explore your full potential and ask for help from where you can. Scholarship can be your best option.

You should not immediately think about loan. You probably qualify for a number of grants and scholarships. Scholarships and grants are usually based on financial needs so you can show how much in need you are to qualify for scholarships.

How to get scholarship


In order to get scholarship, you need to pass through some stages of interviews. There is a great difference between giving interview for a job or interview for scholarships. In a job interview, the candidate needs to impress the company with his services and his duty and with the skill he possesses. But in a scholarship interview the candidate has to please and make happy the interviewer.

If you go for an interview for getting a scholarship, you should first make sure your appearance is good enough. Candidate must be wearing a neat and clean dress and should be presentable. Self hygiene counts a lot in these kinds of interviews. The perfect look refuses long and untidy hair and over grown and dirty nails. One should wear a neat shirt with a trouser. Polished leather shoes are welcomed.

Scholarship interviewing tips

It is advisable and preferable to bring along your complete set of documents which include your complete academic information, your results and your certificates. Apart from academic information it is preferred having certificates related to extra curricular activities such as sports, quizzes and many more. This gives a good impression of the candidate having experience in all forms apart from just good grades. Check here !

When giving the interview for getting scholarships, it is advised to give answers after a slight pause. Giving answers in quick response may make the situation a bit uncomfortable. By giving answers slowly after a pause makes the interviewer realize about the candidate being patient.

Body language also plays an important role when giving an interview. It is advised to have a glass of water and breathing deeply before entering the room for an interview. If you do not know the answer to any particular question or topic it is advisable to be quiet rather than giving wrong judgement and knowledge about it. Being calm, composed, having talent with good grades and luck. These are all the factors in getting scholarships easily.


In order to qualify for scholarships, good grades are not the only requirement. There are many people who apply for scholarships because they cannot afford higher studies. If good grades and financial situation does not help you in getting scholarship you can always get scholarship on the basis of cast, creed, religion, gender and even because of being a single mom.