Scholarships for People with Glasses

scholarships-grants-people-wear-eyeglassesBeing bullied because of your glasses or even lack of accurate sight must be a very common thing in the life of students who need to wear glasses or even contacts in order to see well. Although some people believe bullying only happened in the past, it comes even stronger today, since our children have access to a lot of information much faster than we did in the past. Today it is still very common to hear “The 4 eyes expressions” and even other nicknames for those who need glasses. Regardless of where you come from, wearing glasses is enough reason for people to make fun of you.

Although it could have been a terrible experience when you were a child, today you can benefit from wearing glasses. It might sound impossible, we know that, however there are special scholarship opportunities for those who are proven to need glasses/ contacts on a daily basis in order to read things and see the real world the way it is supposed to be seen. If you are one of these people make sure you keep reading this article, because now, thanks to your glasses you will have the opportunity to save a lot of money and finally compensate for all the suffering you had to go through in the past.

Make sure you keep on reading to find out more about these scholarships. We will present some useful tips on how you can get a grasp around them quicker!

Replace My Contact Scholarship.

The Replace My Contact Scholarship is a wonderful opportunity for those who have eye problems to have a big opportunity to save a lot of money. This scholarship is only offered for those who wear glasses and have some sort of vision problem, of course. Although this scholarship does not pay for all of the costs students might have throughout the year, it is possible to get a $1000 award and then put it towards your school expenses as a whole. Every year students from several different places in the USA send their short 500 word essay to the evaluation team and hope that they will be able to get the $1000 dollar award that can certainly help a lot. There is no need to worry about the complexity of the essay, after all the 500 word essay should only be written around your experience wearing glasses and how the scholarship would be helpful for your academic life as a whole.

Thousands of students have very creative ideas and as soon as they send their essays the site’s staff publishes them on the web. People are able to take a look at the essays and then see what is trending among the community.

How to get this Scholarship ASAP?

The Replace my Contact Scholarship happens annually, which means you will only get a single chance every year. In case you are interested there is still time! The team is currently accepting the essays. It is possible to contact the team and hopefully get the scholarship this year! The next final results will be given on April 30, 2014. The winner will be chosen according to the number of votes his essay receives from the community.

In order to get this essay as soon as possible, make sure you contact the team at and check the requirements. The sooner you do it the bigger your chances to get the scholarship this year will be. It is also very important that you write a good essay that follows what the scholarship’s requirements. Keep in mind that this essay is not academic, which makes everything much easier. You can read the full rules and information at the official program site

Council of Citizens with Low Vision International

This council is a great opportunity for those who can prove that they have vision problems. This scholarship also does not cover all of the expenses that the student will have throughout the year, however he or she will be able to receive an individual award that consist of $3000 dollars and that can be put towards his course. Every single year 3 different students from all over the USA get a $3000 dollar award each. The scholarship opportunity is open from January 1st to March 1st of each year. Full time college students with low vision should fill in the online forms that are provided at the official site and them submit them within the time frame. The council receives applications from all over the country, regardless of the student’s residence. The students should be live in the USA and should be able to prove that they indeed suffer from vision and sight limitations.

How to get this scholarship ASAP?

It is possible to send the application forms and further information required from January 1st to march 1st of each year in order to participate of this program. The staff will then analyse the forms and will them select a couple students who will be the semi-finalists.


Later on a phone interview will happen between the prospect student and a committee member of the Council. Those who have a visionary goal and that meet all the criteria will then be considered to get the scholarship. Make sure you give your best during the phone interview. The winners will only be able to know the result during late spring. These will have to attend the Council’s annual meetings which are done together with the American Council of the Blind Conference & Convention staff. These meetings take place during the first or second week of July. Make sure you keep such weeks free on your calendar!

If you would like to know more regarding this great opportunity then take a look at the Council’s official website at . If you have any questions regarding this contents then make sure you send an email to and get ready for next year’s opportunity. The staff is ready to answer questions year round, so get ready as soon as possible!

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