10 Odd Scholarships and Grants for Performing Arts Majors


If you would like to know more opportunities of getting high quality grants and scholarships then this is the right page for you. These 10 different and rather odd scholarships provide people from all over the USA a very good opportunity for them to save money while getting a much better opportunity.

Undergraduate Music Financial Aid and Scholarships

Students should simply attend auditions to be eligible. They must show their talents and show that they can be truly a very good addition to the classrooms of the music school. If you are a very good performer then this is indeed a very good opportunity for you to save money and get a very good education background in your preferred field: the performing arts. Read more at http://music.uoregon.edu/apply/undergraduate-music/financial-aid

University of Michigan Music Scholarship

Students who go through an interview and later on audition to test their musical abilities will get a wonderful scholarship opportunity here. Students will have most of their school expenses fully paid by the university, which means the students will not have to worry about working while being the future artists of the whole country. Know more by clicking here.

Temple University Scholarship

This university gives full funding support during all of the 4 years of the course. The very first 2 years of course will have the students free, however during the last 2 they will be asked to perform research activities or even be class assistants for 20 hours a week minimum. The students must be wonderfully talented. Visit http://www.temple.edu/boyer/admissions/financial-aid.asp to know more.

Grand Valley University Scholarship

Grand Valley University is offering wonderful opportunities for students who happen to have financial concerns and an extreme will to study and do some community work in campus. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to have their school year’s fees and tuitions paid off while simply performing some tasks on campus. Indeed a wonderful opportunity for those who do not want to deal with debt after university is over with. For more information, visit Grand valley University Scholarship page.

The Bret Ratner Grant

This great scholarship has different application days and does not stop providing students from all over the country opportunities for them to study and not have to pay anything. The team often grants $10,000 dollars to be used towards tuition fees during years 1 and 2 of the course MFA Filmmaking. They often give 50 $10.000 dollar grants every single year, so make sure you are the very first on line when application time comes. Read more at https://www.scholarships.com/financial-aid/college-scholarships/scholarships-by-major/theatre-scholarships/the-bret-ratner-grant/

CBC Spouses Heineken USA Performing Arts Scholarship

Every single year the CBC Spouses Heineken USA Performing Arts Scholarships give an opportunity for those students who would like to get their very own degree in the performing arts and that need to receive financial assistance. The performing arts include theater, motion pictures, drama, comedy, music, dance, opera, marching bands and other musical ensembles. You can know more information by clicking here.

Arts Scholars Program at Hobart and William Smith Colleges

The Arts Scholars Program at Hobart and William Smith Colleges is perfect for talented students who have financial concerns. Talented students can get as much as $3,000 to $17,000 that happen to be renewable on every single year that they are studying. Students who are interested in music, dance, theatre, studio art, creative writing, architecture and others are more than welcome to apply. If you think you are qualified for this scholarship, visit Hobart and William Smith Scholarship.

Vivian Klemz Memorial Scholarship

This $500 scholarship is the right opportunity for undergraduate students who would like to be enrolled in any art related degree program. Females have preference and all applicants must have graduated in a high school in Ventura County, public or private. You can know more information at http://www.vccf.org/scholarship/index.shtml

Drama Merit Scholarship

Perfect for those who have already been actors or have been working as part of the technical crew for a minimum of two drama productions. An average of $1,000 is given to each student. You can read more  Drama Merit website.

Bruce Marson Memorial Scholarship

The Bruce Marson Memorial Scholarship is meant for high school seniors from Fairfax County, Virginia. Students must have as a goal become a graduate in performing arts in technical theatre production. The applicants must have at least 3.0 GPA. Read more details at Bruce Marson Memorial Scholarship.

Florence Lemcke Memorial Scholarship in Fine Arts

Graduating high school students from Washington State can apply for the $1,000 incentive to become students of the Fine Arts, as long as they have at least one parent, grandparent, or great-grandparent that served in the military. Know more at http://www.walegion-aux.org/EducationScholarships.html.

Iowa Scholarship for the Arts

Visual performance students can get as much as $1,500 as scholarship. Students must exceed in their performances to pass the interview. Read the complete information here!

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