More Weird and Unique Scholarships

Having glasses might not have always been fun. They got in the way, it was hard to see through the fingerprints that got smudged on the lenses and then there were the kids who thought of all kinds of names for you, but now it’s time to take pride in having glasses with the scholarships for people with glasses. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to sign up for these scholarships, sometimes just a 500 word essay.

Who is Eligible?

As with most scholarships, the participant needs to be enrolled in a full-time post-secondary institution in the United States. Some, like the Replace My Contacts Scholarship, is also available to senior high school students.  To start all that’s needed is to answer a few quick questions in a survey. Once that is done there is an essay to be completed. There are prompts provided to give an idea on what the essay is to be about. After that all you have to do is send in the essay by the due date and you are in the running for the scholarship for people with glasses.

It’s Not All for People Who Can See

Being legally blind has it’s challenges but it shouldn’t stop you from attaining higher education or from getting a scholarship. Most people who are considered legally blind are still able to have their vision improved with the use of glasses and are still eligible for scholarships for people wearing glasses. To be considered legally blind, the person must have less than 20/200 vision in both eyes with corrected vision.

There are a number of scholarships available to those who are legally blind and wear glasses. The National Federation for the Blind (NFB) offers scholarships valued at $3000 to $12,000 and include a scholarship specifically for women who are blind which pays out $3000. The American Action Fund for the Blind has The Kenneth Jernigan Scholarship for students who seek to further their education just like any non-blind person in a similar situation and is worth $12,000.

Scholarships for Optometry Students

These scholarships don’t end with those who need glasses or are legally blind. Fight for Sight is an organization that offers Grants and Fellowships for those making the effort toward research that will end diseases that cause blindness. These can range anywhere from Student Fellowships for Post-Doctoral Fellowships and Special Grants. The National Eye Institute has scholarships for students intent on studying ophthalmology and other biomedical fields as well.

Scholarships for People with Brown Hair

It’s not just about having glasses but there are also scholarships available for those with certain hair colors, including those with brown hair. There is no special talent involved, just showing your beautiful brown locks is enough.

No matter how you look at it, college and university is expensive so it’s nice to find the extra help. It’s even better when you can take something that might be considered a flaw by some and use it to your advantage, including your vision. With all the scholarships available to students it’s sometimes difficult to find the right one, or one that you qualify for. There are many Scholarships available for red haired people, brown hair as there are also scholarships for people wearing glasses. This makes this search a little more interesting as most people aren’t aware such a thing exists.

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