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balancing schoolMost students would like to find the perfect scholarship in order to be able to study and not have to deal with debt later on. This is a very logical decision, especially because of the fact that most US residents that went to college and had a loan spend decades to pay the whole debt off. It is a very good idea to get a scholarship indeed and that is why millions of people from all over the world do it every single year. If you are one of the millions of students from the US that would like to continue education but simply would not like to deal with debt then this article will help you understand why FastWeb is one of the most scholarship sites of the web today.

We all know how hard finding reliable information on the web is hard and that is why we would like to provide you this honest review regarding one of the most famous sites that help students find scholarship opportunities year through all over the USA. The site is always updated and shows people some very interesting opportunities, useful links and detailed information. Now, some people might be wondering whether or not this site is a truly reliable source of information or if it is just a scam. This review was brought to you in order to help you better understand whether or not you should spend a few hours looking for scholarships on FastWeb. Are you ready to know the whole truth behind this famous scholarship resource? Keep on reading and you will not it fast!


For those who still do not know FastWeb it is a specialized site on scholarships. It reunites thousands of scholarships that are available year through all over the US. This online resource offers services for students who are looking for great scholarships and was founded by Larry Organ back in 1995, which mean the site is one of the oldest in the field. FastWeb sounds nice already, however it has a special meaning behind it; FastWeb is the acronym for Financial aid search through the web. Quite interesting isn’t it? This is a great way for families to explore opportunities to finance the studies of their children or even a nice resource for students who see that loan is not the only – not the best – option to follow. The site’s directory is huge and will certainly help even the most exigent to find a reliable and good source of scholarships on the web.

The Honest Review

The Overall Characteristics

If you would like to start browsing through FastWeb’s directory then go ahead, it does not cost a single thing. Students or people interested will need a login that requires a lot of information. When creating your login make sure you pay attention because you might give them authorization to give your information away. Also be careful with the several different ads that come along in the site, there are no buttons, but be careful when clicking on those, they are usually quite small.

When you create your login you will be able to refine your scholarship searches, which can be quite helpful, since the site has tons of scholarships available. The overall organization of the site is rather good, which means you will not get confused with information or even with page orders. You will have access to a long list of the academic scholarships that match your search criteria. The site’s overall speed is also quite nice. You will also be able to get the right results, and not things that have nothing to do with your search criteria.

The Data

The information that you will get from the site is very detailed, which means you will have access to:

• The name of the scholarship
• Who sponsors the scholarship
• The deadline
• The amounts offered
• Who can apply
• The complete regulations and criteria
• The type (scholarship, grant, fellowship etc)
• A reliable link with more information that leads you to the sponsor’s page.

When you finally find the scholarship that most interests you, you will have the opportunity to click on it and visit the official site where you will be able to login and try getting the scholarship yourself. There are hundreds of thousands of options available on the site’s directory, which will return very good results for members. The site’s administration is the same that created a famous job search site called Monster. You will be able to get reliable information that will definitely help you find the right scholarship for your case.

The site’s Design.

The site’s overall design is quite simple and user friendly. There is no need to spend too long trying to understand the layout or even finding information. It is possible to find exactly what you want by simply taking a look at the site. The site also looks quite sober and does not have too many advertisements on the pages (although it does have some).

How to get The Best Scholarships Fast at FastWeb?

Just like the name of the site already suggests it is possible to find scholarships fast if you always keep an eye out for the site’s updates.


We can certainly say that the site gets daily updates, which means you should always take a look at the site in order to get the best opportunities. Of course some scholarships are specific for certain areas such as health, law and so on, however there are thousands of other scholarships that are easy to get 9and that often do not require students to pass a test or even to show their GPA grades).

You should take a look at the site on a daily basis and then apply for the scholarships as soon as possible, that way you will be sure that you did not miss any deadlines. Good luck!

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