5 Eccentric Technology Entrepreneurs Offer These Amazing Scholarships

If you are a modern student that would like to get a scholarship thanks to your creative abilities with technology, then this is the right page for you. There are different opportunities students just like you, that want to have a wonderful scholarship opportunity that is directly related to technology, and not GPA grades.

If you have a great technology perspective for the future then these five interesting and rather different scholarships will definitely be very helpful for you to be able to save money while focused on continued education. You will have the wonderful opportunity not to have to deal with a lot of debt once you are done with your studies. The next 5 eccentric scholarships are related to technology and are one of the best options for the strong minded and intelligent, people just like you!ete scholarship

The Gates Millennium Scholarship (Bill Gates)

Would you like to choose whatever course that you would love to study in the field and then have it all paid by one of the most famous millionaires and well succeeded people of the whole world? famous Bill Gates, the creator and owner of Windows (and all related projects), offers such a wonderful opportunity. The Gates Millennium Scholars is the perfect opportunity for those who would like to be sponsored throughout their course. The program chooses 1000 students that have talent on a yearly basis and receives the total money for tuition fees for the whole university course. It is possible to apply every single year. To do so, go to  http://www.gmsp.org/.

Horatio Alger Scholarship Award

This is the perfect scholarship is the right option for those who would like to have a very bright future. Horatio Alger was one of the most famous writers and entrepreneurs of his time. Horatio Alger, Jr., whosefocused on stories that analysed poverty and the fact that people can indeed overcome the most different adversities in life with a lot of courage and moral. He wanted to achieved as much as he could, and so he did by becoming a wealthy and very acclaimed. Students that would like to get this scholarship must have financial needs, must have a wonderful performance in school. To know more, access Hotario Alger Scholarship site.

The Apple Scholars Program

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc, one of the most famous companies in the whole world that produces top quality electronics. The Apple Scholars Program is the perfect option for high school seniors that would like to have a bright future in the University world . Students must attend any university and intend to finish courses that have 2 or 4 years of duration.Students must start the course on the fall. Students must show how innovative they can be using technology in academics. Students willget a MacBook Pro, iPod nano and $2,000. Know more information, visit their official site.

The Thomas R. Brown Scholarship

This great scholarship gives students the proper opportunity to be financially stable to be able to make the best out of the college years. The Thomas R. Brown Distinguished Scholarships started back in 2002 in memory of ThomasBrown, one of the funders of Burr-Brown Research Corporation back in 1953. This man was a very inspired person that helped to build products with new technologies at the time. He was the leader of a company that was famous worldwide for manufacturing and marketing data conversion and mixed signal integrated circuits. Texas Instruments bought the company a few years ago. This scholarship helps Eller College of Management students that would like to dedicate themselves in the technology and management field. Know more information at http://mcguireexperience.com/2013/11/brown-distinguished-scholarship-award/

Dr. Denny Ko Future Entrepreneurs Scholarship

Open to the general public, this interesting scholarship is perfect for those who would like to dedicate themselves to the technology field. This scholarship opportunity is sponsored by Southern California Monte Jade Science & Technology Association. It was founded by the family of Dr. Ko and SCMJ board of directors back in 2003. Dr. Ko dedicated himself to finding new technologies and using them towards a better future. Students who would like to follow on his path are eligible to apply. This will not only help students with studies but will also help them have a much better future dedicated to leadership and technology. It is possible to find the complete rules and also requirements for those who would like to apply at their official web site. Know more important information at their site 

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