10 Weird Auto Scholarships

If you are interested in the auto field then this article will be very helpful for you. There are hundreds of different institutions in the USA that are willing to offer people just like you, opportunities to study and improve your knowledge in the field. It is more than possible to get a very good scholarship that will help you save hundreds of dollars. Let’s take a look at the following top 10 opportunities that will definitely change your life forever.

Honda Scholarships

Perfect for the ladies this scholarship allows people with financial difficulties and lack of professional background to get a $1000 scholarship to put towards their new profession. The company requires applicants to be members of the SWE and also be USA citizens to be able to apply.

Automotive Hall of Fame

The Automotive Hall of fame offers several different awards that can be used towards scholarship. It is possible to get the values that vary from $250 dollars to $2000. Students that have some sort of financial difficulty and that would like to have upper level undergraduate diplomas in the automotive world. This is given based on academic merit. It must be a full time course. Know more by accessing


Southplains College Scholarship

Scholarships are given for students that would like to focus on automotive service technology and diesel technology programs at the said university. This will help students with tuition and fees as a whole. To be eligible, applicants must enroll as full-time students in the program. Those who are interested shouldsend a scholarship application form and the high school transcripts. Know more by clicking here!

Automobile Program Student Scholarship

Perfect for the students who happen to be enrolled in a full-time Automotive Program. Priority is given to students who had some sort of automotive background while at a High School Automotive Program. The high school students must also give a letter of recommendation. The value given is of $750 dollars.

Automotive Booster Club International Scholarship

This is the perfect scholarship for those who would like to have their continued education on the automotive field. In order to be able to apply and be considered, the institution requires that the interested complete the full application and send online. It is also important to attach the unofficial transcript of education, attach two different letters of recommendation and fill in personal statements. Read more here

Automotive Technology Program Scholarship

If you would like to be part of this program you must be a full-time Automotive Technology student that is going to enroll at the fall and that has the score of at least 2.5 of GPA. The scholarship will primarily be given to those that prove that they have financial difficulties; students must be interested in the field and should also have letters of recommendation from teachers. Read more at http://www.spscc.ctc.edu

Daimler Chrysler Scholarship

This company provides financial help for students enrolled at the Automotive Technology (CAP) program. This projects aim at helping students achieve the best educational goals. Students must be enrolled in the Automotive Technology program and have good academic references. Know more information at Daimler Chrysler Scholarship website.

Bridgestone/ Firestone Scholarship

Sponsored by Bridgestone/Firestone Trust Fund provides financial help for students that would like to get their own Certificate of Completion in Automotive Technology Service. Those who are the first generation in their family to attend college or even that simply have some sort of financial need will be considered. Must have minimum 2.5 GPA or high school equivalent.
Read the detailed information here.

For Motor Scholarship

Perfect for students that have a GPA of 3.5 or even 4. This is the right opportunity for them to get a great certificate of study in the field. If you are willing to learn with one of the best companies of the whole world then this is the right scholarship for you. The company gives values such as $1000 dollars for those who show how great they are. You can get the full requirements at http://www.swe.org

Chevrolet Classics Club Scholarship

This is indeed the right scholarship opportunity for those students who are focused on the automotive technology field today. The requirements to be part of this scholarship fund are quite easy and simple to meet. Students who are interested must deliver the completed application, provide two letters of recommendation, their academic transcript, and an essay with their goals and accomplishments.

You can read every detail at Chevrolet Classics Club page.

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