Top 10 Audio Video Scholarships

H. Eller Music School

If you are always in tune with the audio and video world then is definitely a great opportunity for you, especially if you want a scholarship. We all know how complicated it is these days to be able to work, study and to manage debts. Thinking of such difficulties, there are some interesting scholarships that help students or students to be, just like you, then this is the perfect place for you to be at. You will have the opportunity to enjoy high quality opportunities and get the best opportunities to pay off your studies with.

Music Club Florida

The Music Club of Florida offers several different wonderful – and quite interesting – opportunities for those who would like to get a nice scholarship and become part of their talented club. Students who have a thirst for music and have a lot of talent to spare then are more than welcome to apply to these scholarship opportunities. The students will be evaluated according to how good they do in auditions. The values given tend to change from case to case. Read more

David Letterman Telecommunications Scholarship

Back in 1885 David Letterman, who was crazy about his job, created this scholarship that could help thousands of students, just like him, to be able to get a nice opportunity in the field. This is the right scholarship option for those who would like to work or even simply study the telecommunications field. If you are willing to show your best and also to innovate, then this is the right opportunity for you to grab. The most creative gets the award. Submit any piece of written work, graphics, audio and movie productions, researches and other and the wait until the team’s evaluation. You will definitely love your profession even more if you have an opportunity not to be in debt afterwards. You can read more about this scholarship at

Musicians Club of Women

Women who are willing to show their great taste in music as well as how talented they are, are more than welcome to apply. This institution is perfect for women who are in love with music and that would like to study it and later on become music professionals. The scholarship values vary and other requirements might apply. Please access musicians club of women website to know more information.

National Federation of Music Club

If you know how to play instruments or even have a talent with singing, then this is a great scholarship for you. Every year dozens of different scholarships are given to the right students. If you would like to know more, then click here.

Tuesday Musical Club

If you are a Pittsburgh resident and up to 25 years of age then this is the right scholarship for you. Read more at and find out how you will be able to get a nice scholarship for simply being a music lover.

KeyClub Video Scholarship Contest

For those who love to show how talented and nice they are, then this is the perfect scholarship for them. Every year several students have the wonderful opportunity to receive a cash scholarship value that helps them continue with their education. Read the full information at Keyclub Video Scholarship official website.

The National Press Club Scholarship for Journalism Diversity

Would you like to become some sort of journalists that speaks, films and do everything related to the profession? If the answer was yes then this is the right opportunity for you to save some good money. You can send the best journalist work such as videos, audio recordings and so on that you have made in order to be able to apply. Read more

Press Club New Orleans Scholarship

College level journalists have the wonderful opportunity to get $2.500 dollars as an award to be used towards school expenses in University. In order for you to be part of this fun content you must submita video or journalistic work for the press club to evaluate. You can get rid of the debts as soon as possible! Go to Press Club Orleans site to know more. more at

Jockey Club Make a Difference Scholarship

If you love the web and videos then this is the perfect opportunity for you to grab. Read more at

National Space Club Video Contest for a Scholarship

You can be the lucky one and get as much as $10.000 dollars to be used towards your school expenses in 2014 and 2015 by simply submitting a video. You can become part of this wonderful fun and simple contest by accessing National Space Club Video Contest website.

Click here to learn more available scholarships.

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