4 Scholarships for People without a 4.0 GPA – Low GPA Scholarships

Winning-College-ScholarshipsMost scholarships require students to have at least 4 as their GPA grade. Although it is not impossible to have such a grade, most students simply do not have it. These students might not have such grade, however they still have the right to get a scholarship. Most students have a GPA of 2 or even 2.5, which means 4 is simply a super grade for them to meet. Scholarships often require GPA grades to classify students and finally choose the winners. This page will help average students to find a good scholarship for them. The low GPA scholarships are getting more and more common each passing day, because most students are getting average GPA grades nowadays.

If you are one of these students that would like to have a chance to have a better future without having to be stuck with debt, then this page will be very helpful for you. You can easily find easy to get scholarships that will indeed help you go through school years without having to pay a lot of money in the future. Most students that do not get a scholarship end up getting a loan and having to pay twice as much in the future. Even though you might have a lower GPA you still have the right to get a good scholarship and have a much better future without having to deal with a lot of debt. Although most institutions seem to punish low GPA students, there are several other companies that would rather invest in people just like you!

The Do Something Awards

BRICKS’s Award brought to you by Do Something provides great community grants and scholarships every single year. Students must be 25 or younger and should do something really good to improve their community. Permanent residents, US and Canadian residents get a chance to be part of this scholarship opportunity. No GPA is required at all. At least 5 Do Something nominees will get $10.000 dollars in community grants and scholarships. The number one winner will be able to get as much as $100.000 dollars that will be given as the biggest prize.

The nominees will also have their 5 minutes of fame because they will be seen live at the VH1 TV channel and will have support from the DoSomething.org community throughout the whole course. Although the first place gets a lot of money he or she will get $5.000 thousand dollars out of it to pay university, the other $95.000 will be donated to the community from where the participant came from. If you would like to know more make sure you email dsawards@dosomething.org.

Federal Junior Duck Stamp Art Competition

This competition is sponsored by the US department of the interior, US Fish and Wildlife Service and other important communities that love to invest in people’s futures by giving great opportunities. Students who are in grade 12 have the opportunity to simply submit a painting, drawing or even sketch of any kind of American waterfowl species. Every single state or district has its own competition, and the best images will get a chance to be selected among the 53 winners. In fact the best 53 images will be selected as the next Junior Duck Stamp. The national awards have $5000 dollars as a cash award to be used towards scholarship, the second place will be able to get $3000 dollars and the third place will also get money, but this time $2000 dollars as the final award. US citizens and residents might apply for this contest that takes place every single year. You can know more by accessing the following site http://www.fws.gov/duckstamps/junior/junior.htm

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

Another great scholarship opportunity, especially for those who are not willing to be judged by their GPA grades. This scholarship does not require any GPA at all. The Prudential Spirit of Community Award is perfect for children who are on grades 5 through 12 and that have been engaged in any kind of volunteer activity within their community and that have shown exceptional care and love towards their neighbours. Prudential together with the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) provide several different students from all over the country awards worth $1000 dollars to be used towards scholarships. In fact there are more! The national winners get $5000 dollars. All students have the opportunity to apply for this great scholarship opportunity for as long as they are willing to be nice to their community. No GPA is required. The applications are accepted up until late October, so there is still plenty of time!

national schlarship

The American Essay Contest

The American Essay Contest is perfect for students who would like to get a great help that will provide them a much easier time at school this year. Together with the Fleet Reserve Association or (FRA), the National Committee on Americanism and Patriotism offers US residents the opportunity to get a couple thousands to be able to pay school expenses off. There are different awards in a National Wide scale. The grand national prize is $10.000 dollars and then $5000, $3000 and finally $2000 dollars. Each grade category will have the first, second and third winners after the national wide prize. Students can be part of this contest regardless of their GPA grades and other related stats.

One of the only requirements is to be a US citizen and to be enrolled in grades 7 through 12. The entrants must be sponsored by any FRA member or by someone from a branch unit. The deadline is December 1st for all the grades. There are no other special requirements for students to be able to be part of this nice opportunity. Make sure you take a look at the site for more info. If you would like to read more or even get the complete information to apply then make sure you visit their official page and know everything you need to be the next lucky one! for more details, visit the original source.

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