10 Scholarships With No Essay Required

We all know how complicated it might be to get a good scholarship these days. Most students are judged for what they show in their essays and not really because of who they truly are. Students are misjudged because all Universities take into consideration are their performance on the essay required. It is possible for students to be brilliant and simply not know how to express themselves well enough on a paper. It is extremely hard for some students to be able to get a good scholarship simply because they did not do very good on their essay.

Some scholarships also require students to have certain merits such as attending certain classes or even having special talents. This is also a way to push certain students away and even though they might not have that previous experience, they can easily learn.Learn more from her latest blog post.

Certain places also do not take into consideration whether or not students have talent for the area, but instead only consider how they do in a simple essay. There are several different opportunities that help students that would like to get a scholarship without having to waste time with essays or even bureaucratic processes. There are certain institutions that are giving great opportunities for those who would like to have a chance because of who talented they are and not because of a simple paper. Keep on reading and find out 10 very good and easy to get opportunities that will give you scholarships with absolutely no need to write any essays.

10 Opportunities for you to get a rid of essays scholarship!

American Fire Sprinkler Association.

fire sprinklerHere students will be able to get scholarships whether they are second chance high school students or high school seniors who plan to get to college. Those who would like to apply should simply take a look and read some basic information regarding fire sprinkler safety and then take a simple tem question quiz on the web. Each correct answer is worth one credit. There are 10 awards of $2000 each for the high school seniors and 5 $1000 worth dollar scholarships for the second chance high school students. For more information check the official site.

Cappex “GPA Isn’t Everything” Scholarship.

Cappex is a business that helps students to make the right college decisions possible. They help students understand the new challenges and costs that college brings. This scholarship is for students who are already in some sort of University course. The only requirement is that students are top students who are really dedicated and willing to learn. If you have good references then this is a very easy opportunity for you. The applicants will only need to give information regarding their life outside of college (whether they do any extracurricular activity etc). These students might get a $1000 scholarship prize. Make sure you check the official page to know more www.cappex.com/scholarships

College Prowler “No Essay ” Scholarship.

This company gives $2000 dollars as scholarship on a monthly basis for the students who do a beautiful drawing. The award can be used towards any college related expense. It is possible to apply every month, all you need to do is access

College Submission

Here students have the chance to get the right connection with their future college. The high school students who are interested can get a $1001 dollar scholarship. Students are chosen randomly.

Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation

Guy-Patience-JenniferTopThis is a charity organization that helps students with lower income to get the right education. Any kind of student can apply, as long as they are from any American high school, college or graduate student. Students will have to answer some quizzes regarding pretty much anything, and then the best get the funds that vary from $250 to $2500 dollars each.


Sallie Mae

This company is specialized in student loans. Every single month the company gives away scholarships that are worth $1000 dollars. All students have to do is simply register to use the scholarship searching tool provided by the company.

Scholarship.com “Tell a Friend” Sweepstakes

Here students will have to simply enter a contest and then get their own customized link. The link should be used and shared through email and social media networking. When student’s friends click on the link the person will get a chance to get a $1000 dollar scholarship. When you win, your friend will receive a bonus of $500 dollars.

School Grants Blog

This blog offers a $500 dollar scholarship for those who register on the site and that are full time students. People who also share the blog’s information with friends also get the opportunity to get money.

US Bank

The US bank offers the total value of $40.000 college scholarship opportunities every single year. All you need to be is a US citizen and a high school or college student. The student are picked up randomly and each earn $1000 dollars.

scholarship coach


Zinch offers a $1000 dollar scholarship opportunity for those who simply Tweet! This give away is a great opportunity for college students to get some money on a weekly basis. The site is dedicated to other scholarship opportunities. You can access their official website and know more www.zinch.com.scholarships

More Tips to get Scholarships quickly!

You have seen some pretty good opportunities to get essay free scholarships above. Now it is time you start moving! Make sure you do some good research on the official websites and see when you can apply. It is always very important for you to keep the deadlines and special dates in your mind, that way you will not miss a single opportunity. Most people miss the best scholarship opportunities because they missed the application deadlines. If you pay attention to the dates and the criteria you will definitely raise your chances!

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